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     We are the paper straw machine factory, hope to have a happy cooperation with you.

      Plastic straws are being banned in many countries.Billions of plastic straws will be lost every day.The most ideal disposable alternative to plastic straws is paper straws. The choice of good paper, glue and machine can produce durable paper straws.Just like my video.
https://youtu.be/v2C62NZ36VM        Paper Straw PK paper straw

     Our machines strike the best balance between production speed and price. The lowest purchase price and the highest output. Equipped with automatic connecting paperYou can greatly increase productivity and save labor costs.

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High-speed automatic connection paper

20,000 paper straws per hour

You can tell me the size of your factory ,I will draw a 3D layout for you. And design the most suitable assembly line for you for free.

Please reply to email for a full description of the machines and a price quote.

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