Revolutionize In Vitro Diagnostics with Newland AIDC Embedded Scanning Solutions

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Newland AIDC
Newland AIDC's Embedded Scanning Solutions for In Vitro Diagnostics


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Newland AIDC offers series of scanners and OEM scan engines that can be easily adopted or embedded into an In Vitro Diagnostics device or a biotech system. With a wide scanning field in the sensor and the large DOF (depth of field), our scan engines suit perfectly for reading barcodes inside of analyzers.

Newland AIDC is already cooperating with leading In Vitro Diagnostics and biotech companies globally and can share the applications of our OEM scan engine for immunoassay analyzers, microbiological counters, laboratory analysis devices, fluorescent immunoassay analysis systems, and more.

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Embedded Scanning Solutions for IVD
Learn more about our embedded scanning solutions from the following product portfolios.

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