UVC LED strip is here.
Careful, it's invisible.

The Design.
1. Using UltraViolet C radiation LED 3737 as light source, short-wave at 270-280nm, hard UV, germicidal light.

2. 12pcs LED per meter, Low Voltage 24V input for humen safety.

3. Support PWM, 0/1-10V, DALI and other dimming ways.

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And more.
1. Cutting Length is 166.66mm.
2. High quality PCB: 8mm width, 2oz
3. Lifespan: More than 10,000 hours.
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 Item HH-SUVC12F008W24-3737
LED 3737, 12pcs per meter
 Voltage 24VDC
 Wave Length 270-280nm
 Watts 2.88 w/m    
 Brightness Invisible
 Lifespan > 10,000 hours

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For disinfection purpose, chemical and biological analysis.

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