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An eye-catching food delivery bag will make your company get more recognition and gain a greater share of the food delivery market
68L Food Delivery Bag Backpack Style  
insulation performance 5hrs
36L Food Delivery Bag Backpack Style 
insulation performance 5hrs
65L Hand Carry Front Open
insulation performance 5hrs
3pcs 18" Pizza Delivery Bag
Keeping food fresh and delivering it to customers is the most important part of the food delivery industry, but have you ever understood food safety? Do the materials used in the meal delivery bag you are using meet the safety standards? Is the ability to maintain temperature sufficient?
STANDARD: EN12546-2:2000
The insulation performance measured according to 4.2 
Certifcate of Material and Product Performance
No matter the design is simple or complicated, we always control the production cost strictly, so that our customers can receive safety products at the best price
Through many years' production management, we have accumulated rich experience. Professional production and service team can provide customers with excellent products
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