How To Prevent Battery Adhesive Being Torn When Replacing Batteries
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According to the feedbacks from some phone repair technicians, the easy-torn battery adhesive results in the main difficulty of replacing batteries. Once it is torn and dragged fiercely, this may result in battery distortion and even detonation.
This tutorial will avoid the above situation and show you how to prevent the risk of snagging other components when pulling out the adhesive, making your assembly safely and efficiently.
I. Take apart the screen 

II. Remove the fixed metal plate of the battery seat and take out

III. Disassemble the vibrator from the motherboard

As the vibrator of iPhone 6–8Plus covers the bottom of the battery, if it is disassembled, the adhesive won’t get torn when it is removed. 
IV. Remove the battery adhesive

1. Roll up the adhesive with tweezers and pull it out. The distance should not be too long in case the adhesive is torn.
2. Rotate tweezers immediately when pulling out the adhesive. Repeat this step until the adhesive is completely removed.
3. The angle between the mainboard and tweezers should not be over 30°. Otherwise it may distort the battery and cause danger.

V.  Remove the battery

VI. Stick adhesive on the replaced battery

Note: Do not leave any bubble during the procedure. Otherwise the adhesive may be removed together when taking apart its protective film.
VII. Replace the new battery on the battery compartment then install the battery seat

VIII. Reassemble the vibrator and fasten with the metal plate

IX. Assemble the screen and test

Installation complete.  
click here to get the operation video
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