How to choose a good ipad touch?
Hi friends ,this is Becca ,how is everything going ?
Many friends may met this kind of problem ,bought a new ipad ,but doesn't works at all .

why ?
This involves testing, packaging, transportation and many other factors.
1.the first improtant point is : test or inspection 

in this case ,the flex cable was folded unregular ,so easy to break 
but what we did for our ipad was :

It is pasted according to the standard and check carefully before shipping 
2.our ipad touch will with tesa glue ,also very practical !

3.the package we use is very helpful to minimize the impact hazard

Come to choose a good ipad touch now !

ipad touch price 
1.ipad air touch (with tesa )-------6$
2.ipad 2touch (with tesa)------6$
3.ipad mini1----------6.7$
4.ipad 5/6/7/8 ----------12$

If you have any questions ,please feel free to contact Becca or reply this email ,we already back to work today ,welcome to contact me for any need :D

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