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OLED lcd screen is very popular in the phone repair market. Do you know their difference? Today I will give a brief introduction of these two qualities.


Hard OLEDs are manufactured using a glass substrate. Glass is the material of choice for flat display assemblies, as the manufacturing process is very mature and all variables are easily controlled. Although the glass makeup has its benefits, it is more physically fragile and easy to break. Shock and deformation can cause this assembly to crack. Therefore, care must be used in the installation of the part. Due to the design of the iPhone X and material limitations of hard the OLED, there is a slightly larger border between the bottom of the display and the bottom of the frame.


Soft OLEDs are manufactured on a flexible plastic substrate. The soft OLEDs are more resilient to shock and slight deformation, meaning it’s a great option for an end-user who frequently drops their device. While the soft OLED itself is more resistant to damage, this does not provide any protection for the outer glass lens or other components.

Although it is a durable screen assembly, because it is made with plastic, it does not age as well internally as the hard OLED. Even the engineered plastic substrate of the soft OLED cannot be as pure or non-reactive as the glass substrate of a traditional hard OLED. Plastic is also a better thermal insulator than glass. These various factors mean that a soft OLED will tend to age (develop burn-in) more rapidly than a similar hard OLED.

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