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Have you encountered Face ID issue when you repair phones? Hope below tips could be work for you!

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The face ID is related to two parts: ️ front camera assembly
                                                        ️ ear speaker with sensor flex cable

️Front camera assembly
It includes three parts: 1️⃣ Dot matrix projector 2️⃣ front camera  3️⃣ Infrared camera

1️⃣ Dot matrix projector is encrypted and cannot be replaced directly 
If it's damaged, iPhone will prompt "mover higher or lower"message. For its solution, pls contact me. 

2️⃣ Front camera can be replaced individually.
For iPhone XS and up models, the iPhone need to flash after replace front camera, then face ID works. 

3️⃣ Infrared camera is encrypted and cannot be replaced as a whole.There is a encryption chip inside. 
So if the flex cable is broken, replace the flex cable individually.Its the same for Infrared camera 

️Ear Speaker With Sensor Flex Cable
It includes 1️⃣ ear speaker 2️⃣ flood light sensor 3️⃣ proximity sensor 4️⃣ Ambient light sensor.

1️⃣ Ear speaker can be replaced individually 
2️⃣ Flood light sensor is encrypted and can't be replaced
3️⃣ Proximity sensor is encrypted and can't be replaced
4️⃣ Ambient light sensor has nothing to do with face ID,but it decides true tone function. Should Keep it to have True Tone

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