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Have you heard of Incell LCD for iPhone Screens? Now incell structure screen is available for iphone 6s~Xs Mas
Today We'd like to share with you the specific info about this and incell structure will be the top one of the market.
The  original screens for iPhone 5G~8Plus are in Incell structure, which has the most reasonable thickness. The  touch layer is inside LCD, making touch function will be more stable and sensitive. When  glass lens is broken, the screen can be refurbished like Original screen.
Currently Most of other aftermarket screens are in G+G structure, their touch function is a glass layer. The thickness will be thicker than original or incell screen  after installed with motherboard.  However the touch of Incell structure is inside LCD. The same thickness as original, bringing much better experience to end customers.  Adopting high OEM materials, insure excellent hardness of glass lens and LCD, not easy to break.
Incell LCD now is available for iPhone 6S- XsMax, If you have any other questions, please contact us at mobile.
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