Lifetime warranty in iPhone lcd industry?
  • Are you complaint that Chinese supplier warranty is short? One 12 months?
  • First order is good, but second order,third order lcd quality getting bad?
  • Touch issues is not in warranty?
  • After installing mobile phone, it is not in warranty?
Hi ,this is Eva from Bizbee,the leading supplier for phone repair parts in shenzhen, China. We offer lifetime long warranty for all our repair parts,lowest faulty rate here.
ALL quality problems is in our warranty.
Our factory engineers with 40 Inspection steps on testing lcd screen before shipment, make sure send the best one to you. ;)
Each model each color stocked 1000pcs, to avoid shipment delay,lightning fast shipment.
    We offer different level iphone lcd screen,here I enclosed one of our high brightness         ESR version screen for your reference,kindly checking its please. 

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Best Regard,