TBK-958C Laser Screen Breaker Marking Machine
The Fastest, Most Accurate, Safest iPhone Back Glass Fix Solution
It is reported that the back of the fuselage of the new iPhone 11 series is made of a whole piece of glass rather than assembled. It is strengthened by the dual ion exchange process. This requires extremely high production processes, but no matter how superb the process is, the characteristics of the glass It is determined that it is very resistant to falling and is prone to chipping.

As we all know, Apple's official repair cost is very high, so the laser screen breaker marking machine with the important characteristics of "no harm to the mobile phone" and "easy to operate" has become the most popular glass repair tool in the mobile phone repair industry.

With the increase in market demand and the increase in customer demand, the laser screen breaker marking machine is also continuously upgraded. The TBK-958C currently launched by Bizbee has upgraded the external detachable 10-inch HD LCD on the basis of the original TBK-958B, the computer display greatly improves efficiency during maintenance.

Like other laser machines on the market, it can not only used for back glass replacement, but also the broken screen frame removal. FOCUS smart buttons, auto Focus, smart lifting table, and smart focal length positioning pin, positioning is more accurate and operation is more flexible.
It has built-in corresponding preparation drawings, which can be used by just importing the drawings with one click, which is completely harmless to the mobile phone.

Because of its compact design and modular design of internal components, the machine can be repaired easily by whomever replacing its parts or accessories. Which means the maintenance costs can be significantly saved after and sustain a longer service life than other machines on the market. Of course, BIZBEE team is always on call for your service.

What’s more, it supports the iPhone 11 series glass repair. And it probably is the most effective solution for iPhone 11 back glass repair so far!

 This model still has its own computer built-in. You don’t need to buy another external computer to connect the machine. And it comes equipped with a wireless keyboard and mouse. With a more stylish and compact design, this model is meant to a less chance of damaging during the long-distance transit.

This product provides two specifications, you can choose according to your needs:

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For more information on how to operate the TBK-958C machine, please watch the video:

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