Moving towards a Sustainable 2022

2021 was indeed a year of changes – a year that the HKFYG Leadership Institute turned unprecedented challenges into new opportunities and meaningful changes. It gave us tremendous joy when decorating the special Christmas trees to welcome a hopeful year. That reminded us of our blessings received and collaborative work tirelessly achieved with youth and partners. We are grateful the newly designed iLeader online programme has received recognition, the HKFYG “Innovation Award”.

To facilitate potential young leaders to lead in the next normal, we have provided a wide range of online, offline and hybrid modes of training and programmes in Sustainability Leadership, Servant Leadership, Resilient Leadership and Respectful Leadership, which we have extended our services to senior primary school students. It is always the Active Participation, Aspirations to Serve and Altitude of Leadership of our youth in Hong Kong that impress us as they shine light in the darkness.

With pressing concern about ESG (environment, social and governance), the Institute, as an important hub for talent cultivation, is dedicated to encouraging youth to develop global leadership and take up more responsibilities to create a sustainable future. That includes sharing thoughts through online debates about SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in Chamber Debate Club connecting Hong Kong and overseas youth; interacting with distinguished speakers for fruitful and rewarding rides on the world's largest double-deck tram fleet at "Leaders to Leaders 2021: Ding Ding Dialogue - Travelling Towards A Sustainable Community”; inspiring students to develop empathy through designing customer-centric solutions at Fintech Challenge. We end this extraordinary year by engaging youth and community leaders at “Belt & Road Youth Forum 2021: Sustainability on the Move”. Most importantly, through “Hack the Crisis. Beyond Insights” Certificate Course, we have strengthened our youth with attitude and tools to address wellness and turn adversity into opportunity.

Heritage is a unique asset of our community.  Our six thematic open days, bazaars and exhibitions have contributed to sustainable tourism encouraging the community to connect with the former Fanling Magistracy and the youth. Our meticulously designed local tours have surprised the public with multi-sensory experiences that you may now come to enjoy the “Unveiling Fanling” Thematic Exhibition, an illustration of the collaborative effort of our staff and Cultural Ambassadors through a bottom-up approach in cultural heritage. As an Outdoor Education Campsite, our staycation packages have enriched the public’s experience in appreciating the revitalisation of the grade 3 historic building in a unique mix of training and recreational activities.

The HKFYG Leadership Institute team would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your continued trust and unfailing support. Let us make 2022 a year, moving from adapting to changes to Making Wonders in the Future. Have a healthy and happy new year!


2021年是萬變的一年 ,也是香港青年協會領袖學院轉危為機的一年。當我們與青年裝飾聖誕樹時,大家也為過去一年得到的祝福及伙伴協作機會而感恩,亦滿懷喜悅迎接新年。同時,我們很榮幸在疫情期間研創的I-Leader」線上領袖培訓獲得青協「創新獎」


隨著全球對「環境、社會及管治」的關注日益增加,學院作為人才培育的重要基地,致力培育具全球視野的青年領袖,承擔更多社會責任,共同建設持續的未來。例如:Chamber Debate Club讓本地及海外青年辯論有關可持續發展目標課題;「領袖叮叮對談2021:邁向可持續社區」邀請多位知名社會領袖與青年領袖於電車上互動交流;Fintech Challenge 鼓勵大學生提出以客戶為中心的金融科技解決方案,建立同理心。我們更以「一帶一路青年論壇2021 - 邁向可持續發展」總結,連繫青年及社區領袖探索未來發展。最重要的是,透過「破解危機.激發潛能領袖訓練證書課程,青年學習全健思維,並提升敏捷領導力,積極應對挑戰。


香港青年協會領袖學院藉此機會感謝您一直以來的信任和不懈的支持。讓我們在 2022 年繼續領創新天。 祝大家過一個健康快樂的新年!

Master Future-proof Public Speaking Skill

Having the communication skill to deliver a message concisely and effectively is key to being an able and effective leader. Since its launch in 2004, the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest has been widely supported by over 400 secondary schools in Hong Kong and the accumulated number of participants has reached over 29,600.
This year’s Contest returns stronger, for it will be conducted face-to-face, gathering public speaking enthusiasts to celebrate the art of public speaking. The pre-contest training will be coached by Vivek Mahbubani, a Hong Kong-bred bilingual stand-up comedian, and equip Contestants to use humour effectively in speeches. Improving English and public speaking will help young people ace their interviews for careers.

Unleash Your Full Potential on this Stage


今年的比賽將以實體模式進行,讓所有演講愛好者再次聚首交流。學院更請來獲獎無數的棟篤笑喜劇演員V(Vivek Mahbubani)為參賽者進行賽前培訓,學習有效地運用幽默於演講

A Sustainability Leadership Programme for High School Students

Since 2006, the “Hong Kong 200” Leadership Project has been annually empowering 200 outstanding senior secondary school students with high leadership potential and a strong commitment to serve Hong Kong’s talent pool. This year’s programme sheds light on sustainability and strives to strengthen  participants' hard and soft skills. In addition, it will nurture their awareness towards the importance of multiple perspectives thinking, striking a delicate balance between society, economy and environment. As a result, they can effectively promote social development as future pillars of society.





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Hack For Your Future

As an international financial centre, Hong Kong remains competitive with talents who possess an understanding of global trade developments and the opportunities for Hong Kong. Therefore, in collaboration with HSBC Future Skills Development Project for the HSBC Financial Dialogue Series (FDS), the Institute has organised the Financial Dialogue Series since 2019. This year’s FDS is themed at “Embracing a disruptive era in finance”, each team is required to propose a Fintech solution that is customer-centric and disrupts the current Fintech industry.

In the initial stage of the competition, over 85 contestants from 8 local universities joined a 2-day-1-night hackathon. The outstanding five teams were shortlisted from the 24 teams. The finalists further refined their ideas into prototypes with professional guidance from Fintech practitioners in the 2-week incubation period with a fund of HK$10,000/team. Finally, they showcased their final concepts at the final pitching session to the judging panel formed by Mr Raymond Cheng, council member of The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups; IR Eric Chan, Chief Public Mission Officer of Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited; Ms Kathy Lee, Managing Director of Google Cloud North Asia at Google and Mr Kenneth SHIH, Fintech Industry Expert.

Chipskate”, a team formed by the students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and
the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), earned the top award and won a cash prize of HK$60,000 at the final competition. Their project focuses on a cutting-edge AR game that aims to accelerate the digital transformation of payment scenarios by connecting consumers and vendors interactively and entertainingly. The team said, “this intensive experience from hackathon to final pitching session allows us to make quick changes to refine our business model based on the mentors' feedback.”  

This arrangement also amazed the first-runner up winner AlphaSense, another group of students from the HKUST. They said, “this is the first time for our team to join a fintech competition and we just sparked our ideas during the hackathon. The atmosphere assists us to come up with ideas with teammates." Their project utilises blockchain technology that diversified algorithmic trading strategy applied on NFT, providing a much friendly threshold for investment beginners to get a taste of algo-training. They continued, it would be great if we could enjoy a longer hackathon session to develop more profound solutions.”

The HSBC Financial Dialogue Series is a continuous programme that aims to engage over 300 local university students and HSBC Scholars in finance, business and economics each year. Through interactive dialogue sessions with prestigious leaders and financial experts, equipping young people with the tools and competencies they need to face the future, thus enhancing their employability.

The Institute also provides accommodation offering a perfect space for discussions and collaboration among all participants.

-  Chipskate, Champion of the Fintech Challenge 2021




(中大)及香港科技大學(科大)學生組成的隊伍「Chipskate在決賽中勝出,並獲得港幣六萬元的現金獎。他們的項目旨在通過AR 遊戲,以互動和娛樂的方式連接消費者和零售商,改變現行消費模式。團隊分享道:「活動從hackathon到提案安排得非常緊湊,使我們能夠快速根據專家的意見完善方案。」

另一隊同樣來自科大、獲得第二名的隊伍「AlphaSense」對於是次活動安排亦感到興奮。團隊解釋:「這是我們團隊第一次參加金融科技比賽,我們的項目是在hackathon的過程中才激發出來。這種形式能營造自主學習的氛圍,促進隊友之間的交流,一同進步。」他們的項目利用區塊鏈技術,將算法交易(algorithmic trading)應用於非同質化代幣(NFT),為投資初學者提供自動程式交易(alo-trading)體驗的平台。「如果hackathon的時間更長,將有助我們更深入研究解決方案。」



- Chipskate,冠軍得主

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Explore Arts and Culture in Communities

Housed in the revitalised former Fanling Magistracy, a grade 3 historical building for 60 years, the Institute strives to support the development of the arts and culture in Hong Kong through operating various types of cultural events. In November, we welcomed the performers of Théâtre de la Feuille, under the 18dART - Community Arts Scheme by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, for their touring performances of ‘The Story about District in the North’ Theatre Project. By reinterpreting the old Hakka daily life, the physical theatre performance linked the present and the past for a closer glimpse of the unique culture of North District provided an extraordinary experience to our visitors.
This month, curated by a group of Cultural Ambassadors, the Institute launches a new series of cultural programmes - "Unveiling Fanling”. It aims to enable visitors to reconnect and engage with the local heritage and culture of Fanling by delving into its history and development, sharing stories of its people and places, and showcasing the multifaceted features and attributes of its community. Shedding light on the nature and tradition of Fanling, visitors are also welcomed to join the thematic tours and MYOC Workshop to understand the community in greater depth.


座落於擁有60年歷史,現為三級歷史建築的前粉嶺裁判法院,學院致力透過舉辦各類文化活動,支持香港文化及藝術的發展。於11月,學院提供場地予康樂及文化事務署的十八有藝 — 社區演藝計劃 ,讓綠葉劇團進行《北//一個關於北面的故事》戲劇計劃巡迴表演。劇團藉著形體戲劇表現,重現昔日客家人的生活日常,連結北區的過去與現在,展現北區的獨特文化風貌亦為訪客帶來與別不同的經歷。
本月,學院推出全新文化項目 -「透視粉嶺」,從不同的角度作切入點,藉以透視粉嶺,更立體地呈現社區面貌,讓觀眾可以重新認識粉嶺,四處探索這個地方的故事。是次項目由一班文化保育大使策劃,培育青年不同方面的領袖能力,關心社區發展,推動文化保育,促進社會共融。「透視粉嶺」展覽配合兩個主題導賞團及「自製私家電影院」工作坊,帶你用不同視角框框,發掘和記錄粉嶺的人情風味。

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