Thriving through Uncertainty:Resilient Leadership

Everyone experiences stress and adversity, but must be able to bounce back in order to meet new challenges. The pandemic has continued for more than two years. Students have experienced unprecedented educational disruption from repeating school closures, resumptions, face-to-face class arrangements and online learning, and are struggling to face different challenges under the new normal.

The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups conducts an annual survey on stress index with secondary school students. The 20201 results found that secondary school students faced the most pressure in a decade in which more than half of the secondary school pupils (52%) felt stressed about falling behind on their coursework during the pandemic. Although the result in 20212 falls back slightly to 48%, there have been several cases of students committing suicide since the beginning of the school year.

Resilient leaders bounce back from setbacks. The Institute makes good use of its facilities at the former Fanling Magistracy to design a series of resilient leadership training programmes. Hack the CrisisBeyond Insights - Leadership Certificate Course improves participants’ emotional intelligence, adversity intelligence and spiritual intelligence through 6 training themes. For example, Wellness Generation & Mindfulness aims to develop participants’ wellness and mindfulness mindset as well as learn how to express personal feelings effectively and accurately. They will be further strengthened by capacity building to turn adversity into opportunities with agility. Communication Walker and The Art of Appreciation introduce communication theories and the techniques of appreciation to avoid communication blind spots. Through skills training simulation and practice, participants will develop their wellness and self-leadership.


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2. The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups released result of students' stress index. 2 November 2021. Website:






1. 青協「關心一線2777 8899」公布「中學生開學適應」調查結果. 5 November 2020. 網站:
2. 青協公布「學生情緒及健康狀況」調查結果. 2 November 2021. 網站:

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Upskill Gen Z Online for Post-Pandemic Workplace

Student Leadership Taster Programmes emphasises “leadership potential”, “forward thinking”, “life experiencing” and “practical skills”, encouraging participants to evoke their leadership potential and cooperating ability through different tasks. 

提升專業技能 迎接新時代的機遇


Mr Judge

It introduces the basic principles under the concept of Rule of Law through role-play and encourages participants to apply the knowledge in simulating real-world scenarios.


活動讓學員透過角色扮演掌握法治基本概念 ,並以模擬處境方式測試學員對法治的了解。

Speaking Studio 

It aims to develop participants' confidence and interest in English public speaking and equip them to write speeches, laying the foundation for joining the public speaking contests in the future.



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Rise and Shine Through Service-learning and Scholarship

Young people at the senior secondary stage have already demonstrated leadership qualities by assuming leadership roles in schools. The Hong Kong 200 Leadership Project (“Project”) encourages experiential learning opportunities. Through dialogue sessions with prestigious social leaders, workshops, seminars, organisation visits and implementation of social innovation projects, it enriches participants’ understanding of current issues and important development trends in both local and global society while nurturing an innovative mindset among our future leaders for tackling social problems and making a positive impact on the community.

Peony Sham, a student from Shatin College and school debating team captain, was the champion of the junior division of the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest. She joined the Project last year through school nomination. She and her team designed a local virtual tour with Virtual Reality (VR) for seniors with limited mobility. The idea has won the Silver Award. The Project aims to encourage participants like Peony and her team to put thoughts into action by using design thinking skills and creating a prototype of their project addressing social issues, reinforcing their willingness to give back to Hong Kong.

Last year, the Project also provided scholarships
 to participants and alumni who wish to broaden their regional and global vision to join short online leadership courses offered by renowned universities like Harvard University and the University of Oxford. Peony also applied for the scholarship to study online leadership foundation courses at Harvard University as she believes that effective communication and collaboration skills are essential to achieve professional goals. 

Audrey Kwan, another team member studying at Kowloon True Light Middle School, further exerted her peer influence and inspire other classmates to visit an elderly community centre and “lead” the seniors to “walk around” Hong Kong with the VR experience. The elderly enjoyed the “trip” and wished to visit more places. Moreover, it encouraged Audrey to further improve the content and application of the experience after the public exam.

Hong Kong 200 turns our ideas into reality. I am very thankful to my team and mentors who help us a lot to execute the design to serve more seniors in society. I never thought that our design can bring significant impact on senior’s mental and physical health.
                                                 - Audrey Kwan (
Kowloon True Light Middle School)

雕琢非凡 綻放光芒 


就讀沙田學院的岑沛欣(Peony)是學校辯論隊隊長,曾奪得香港青年協會英語演講比賽初中組冠軍。她去年經學校推薦參加《計劃》,其後她與團隊在「Project for Hong Kong」中設計《香港耆遇記》,透過虛擬實境(VR)攝錄香港不同的景點並製作虛擬導覽,助長者打破社交孤立的困境,項目更在比賽中獲得銀獎。《計劃》旨在培訓學員透過設計思維為社會有需要人士提出實際可行的生活改善方案,為建立「願意為香港」的精神播下種子。



「我從未想過《香港耆遇記》能對長者的身心健康帶來這麼大的影響。感謝《香港200》讓我能大膽地實踐想法;同時亦感謝組員及導師悉心教導,使《香港耆遇記》得以實現。」                                                                                                            -  關懷恩 (九龍真光中學) 

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The First Consideration Beyond Conservation

Every heritage building has its unique historical and cultural significance. Therefore, it is essential to renovate the heritage building to consider safety and heritage values. The central atrium at the former Fanling Magistracy was primarily preserved, including the random patterned artificial granite tiles as floor finishes, the ornamental metal balustrades and profiled timber railings to the court on the second floor. However, the old-style barriers did not meet today's safety standards. Hence, glass walls have been installed to ensure safety while helping to minimise damage to the historical components.



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