Accepting Emotions, Growing Up

For the fifth year in a row, Finland is the world's happiest country, according to World Happiness Report 2022 rankings, while Hong Kong dropped to 81st place. "Emotional education" is a continuous and permanent learning process; in light of the pandemic, building resilience skills is essential. Two alumni, Raymond and Macy, demonstrate resilience leadership and make a difference to support youth's mental health by forming their organisations.

Graduating from the University in 2017, Raymond Yeung founded "JUST FEEL" with his peers, aiming to empower educators and parents to nurture the next generation by embracing Compassionate Communication and Social Emotional Learning. In junior form, Raymond often volunteered at HKFYG Jockey Club Shaukeiwan Youth SPOT (hereinafter referred to as the "Centre"). He came across the Institute's "Hong Kong 200" leadership programme (hereinafter referred to as "Hong Kong 200") by chance, which made him curious about "leadership training". He was eager to serve the community more than just volunteering. Influenced by his own adverse childhood experience from family and secondary school education, Raymond believes everyone needs a platform where they can be understood, valued, and cared for. However, he observed that most local students are not good at expressing feelings and lack support from teachers. Therefore, he set up JUST FEEL, a charity that aims to transform the communication culture in schools and families to enhance the emotional well-being of children.

Raymond was also pleased to meet other potential leaders from different schools at Centre and Hong Kong 200. The small-group learning model inspired Raymond to explore an ideal business model. Under his leadership, teammates at JUST FEEL can respect each other's needs and have the courage to express feelings while acknowledging power differences rather than adopting a top-down organisational structure. On the interview day, Raymond invited Chung, a youth worker at the Centre and Jenny, his trainer at "Hong Kong 200", as both have had a profound influence on his perception of human relationships and emotion, to conduct the interview together. Chung has known Raymond for 15 years and was invited to join his organisation last year. He frankly shared that Raymond had also influenced his life, allowing him to understand the world from a new perspective. Jenny explained that as witness of Raymond’s growth shifting role from a student to a social entrepreneur, she remembers to stay true to her aspiration to be a social worker.

It is not easy for a fresh fledgling graduate to become a social entrepreneur managing both social and business missions. Raymond recalled the experience of supporting women communities to gather leftovers from different parties, thus giving him satisfaction of being able to communicate directly with the targets in need. These experiences gave him the confidence to lead the team to understand service users’ needs proactively and develop solid solutions.

Raymond is not alone in focusing on youth emotional health. Macy Chung, a second-year law student at the University of Cambridge, was a participant in "Hong Kong 200". In September 2021, she and her friends founded Heartline, a social enterprise that provides emotional support to youngsters through online texting and telephone calls every night from 7pm-5am. The team believes that effective listening can heal the emotions of those who seek help, so they line up professionals and provide regular training to young people, with the aim of having them as volunteers. Macy also leverages her legal knowledge to assist the organisation's development. Since September 2021, Heartline has served more than 1,000 young people, and hopes to expand its scale in the future to support a wider audience.

Macy joined the "Hong Kong 200" by school nomination in 2017. From the core training process and leaders' dialogue sessions, her commitment to serving the community continued to grow. In Form 6, Macy participated in the Institute's Summer School for Global Leadership as a group leader. She became more competent in the role of a leader to support others and inspired her to establish Heartline. She explained, "In the 10-day programme, I had to lead younger team members to develop improvement plans for a social enterprise. The organisation's story inspired me to take advantage of my school time to help those in need." Now, leading a team of 150 people, Macy believes that "everyone has what it takes to be a leader as long as they have passion and responsibility."

This year's Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education Examination (DSE) will start on April 22. Under the pandemic, candidates are facing tremendous pressure. As an experienced person, Macy suggested that everyone should give more support and understanding to candidates and convey more care by phone or text message. And Raymond believes that everyone should remember "Connection before the Pandemic" (先處理心情,再處理疫情) accepting our own feelings first before handling the public exam and pandemic.

In February, the Federation initiated Caring to Call - Calling to Care, aiming at providing services that cover emotional support, telemedicine services, short-stay accommodation, donations of anti-epidemic materials and career advice. The Institute also supports DSE students in various ways, such as connecting the alumni of "Hong Kong 200" to provide academic support. Supported by Sino Group and its philanthropic arm, the Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Limited, the Institute also offers short-term accommodation for this year's candidates who live in subdivided units.

"Hong Kong 200" leadership programme

Caring to Call - Calling to Care

Disclaimer: Some photos were taken before the pandemic
面對情緒 逆勢成長

根據聯合國公布最新《全球幸福指數排行榜》(World Happiness Report),在全球146個國家和地區中,芬蘭連續第5年蟬聯第一位,而香港則排第81。「情緒教育」對於青年成長是重要的一環,特別是於應對疫情期間,抗逆應變的能力尤其重要。兩位領袖學院舊生楊思毅 (Raymond) 及 鍾嘉琳 (Macy) 不但自己能逆境自強,更以不同方式支援學童及青年的心理健康。

Raymond 於2017年大學畢業,隨即與同伴創立JUST FEEL感講,旨在於家庭及學校系統性推廣「善意溝通」(Compassionate Communication)及社交情緒教育(Social Emotional Learning),鼓勵關注彼此的感受及需要,從而減少失去連結 (Disconnection)。初中時,經常到青協賽馬會筲箕灣青年空間(下稱"中心") 參與義工活動的Raymond對社會已表現關切。他偶然接觸了領袖學院《香港200》領袖計劃 (下稱"《香港200》")讓他對「領袖培訓」產生好奇。後來Raymond透過計劃以不同角度服務社,學習如何比義工服務發揮更大影響力,亦啟發成立非牟利機構JUST FEEL。受自身於家庭和中學經歷而有的童年逆境經驗(Adverse Childhood Experience)影響,他發現每個人都需要一個被照顧者重視﹑關懷﹑尊重和同理的土壤,繼而能夠情感安全地成長。然而,他觀察到本地學童大多不善於表達情感,而教師亦缺乏相關支援。因此,他期望JUST FEEL可以與夥伴學校攜手轉化學校和家庭溝通文化,從而促進學童的身心靈健康。

Raymond在中心及《香港200》有幸認識來自不同學校的學生領袖,其小組模式讓他明白一個機構的理想經營模式,學會帶領JUST FEEL團隊時更重視彼此的需要及敢於表達情感,承認權力差異的同時尊重每一人的價值,而非採取從上而下的「正三角型」組織結構。訪問當日,Raymond亦邀請兩位對他影響深遠的人一同接受訪問,分別是於中心認識的青年工作者阿中及《香港200》導師Jenny。阿中與Raymond相識15年,去年更獲邀請加入其機構,他直言Raymond亦同樣影響他的生命,讓他以更多新角度去了解世界。而Jenny說道,「見證Raymond由學生到社企老闆的歷程,令自己再次記起當社工的初心!」




Macy中四時由學校推薦參加《香港200》,通過計劃培訓內容及領袖對談等,她不單理解到解決社會問題的不同方法,更學習軟技巧,對現在營運機構亦十分受用。中六時,Macy更以組長身分參加領袖學院的環球青年領袖暑期學校,令自己成長不少,亦啟發她成立Heartline。她解釋:「為期10天的活動,我需要帶領更年輕的組員為一間社企提出改善方案,幫助機構發展。過程中,機構的故事啟發我要把握在學時間幫助有需要的人,及如何務實地解決問題。」現在,帶領著150人的社企團隊,Macy認為「只要有熱誠及承擔責任的心,每個人都有成為領袖的特質 。」

本屆香港中學文憑試將於4月22日開考,考生在疫情下面對更大的壓力。Macy 以過來人的身分建議大家可以多給予考生支援及體諒,並以電話或短訊多傳達關懷。而Raymond 認為大家應「先處理心情,再處理疫情」,即先面對自己內心的情感,再用更好心情去應對公開試及疫情。




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Early Taste of University Learning Style

Joining forces with CUHK Department of Anthropology and HKUST Sustainable and Green Finance Programme, Pre-University Pilot Programme nurtures our future young global leaders by cultivating their sustainability mindset, raising their cultural awareness, and harnessing their connection to the local community and the world beyond borders through different forms of training modes.



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An Unknown Journey

As the saying goes, "when God closes a door, he opens a window". Lily, who had planned to continue her legal studies abroad, was interrupted due to the pandemic. Still, it prompted her and her friends to set up BARAKH, an online shop selling imported scented tea. From a lawyer to be to an entrepreneur, she hopes to equip more business skills through the "Own My Path" Skills Transformation Training Programme (hereinafter referred to as "Programme") and lead the company to meet various challenges.

The Programme provides a series of future skills training workshops in two phases to gradually enhance students' self-leadership. Lily appreciated the comprehensive training sessions conducted by industry experts. In the second stage, she has more opportunities to interact with experienced entrepreneurs and implement specific methods to deal with her company's situation. She also shared the knowledge learned in the workshops with the other two founders for the company's growth. To encourage outstanding teams to start their business, teams need to submit a business plan after completing the training workshop, and the winning teams can receive start-up funds and join the mentorship session. Lily's team won the championship and HK$20,000. Next, she plans to use the fund to test the ingredients to ensure product quality.

Supported by HSBC Hong Kong Community Partnership Programme 2021, the Institute organises the Programme to equip youth with future skills training and practical vocational experiences. In addition, the Programme helps them adapt to the new normal of the "gig economy", thus transforming their core skills, strengthening resilience, and broadening their career potential in the post-pandemic era.

Successful entrepreneurs see learning as a lifelong process. Therefore, the start-up funds and knowledge provided by the Programme are crucial for entrepreneurs to execute the plans.

         -Lily, Participant of "Own My Path" Skills Transformation Training Programme

Disclaimer: Some photos were taken before the pandemic


常言道「柳暗花明又一村。」本身打算到海外繼續升學考取律師牌的Lily因疫情打斷了計劃,卻促成她與友人創立BARAKH,一間售賣進口花茶的網店。從平步青雲的律政新人變成荊棘滿途的創業達人, Lily在創業起步階段遇到不少困難。故此她報名參加「自主創出路」技能轉型培訓計劃 (下稱"《計劃》”),有效學習更多營商技巧,裝備自己帶領公司迎接各種挑戰。




                                                                                           - Lily ,「自主創出路」技能轉型培訓計劃參加者

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The Most Secure Lock

There is a large vault inside the Shroff. It contains space for storing exhibits and has a safe for keeping court fine. In the initial phase of the revitalisation project, the key to the safe was missing. Professional mechanics' help was eventually sought to have the safe opened.



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