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"This Contest has taught me to never give up. Regardless of circumstances, we need to have the courage to get back up after each fall. Give each time your best shot and you’ll never know what might happen,” said Bill Koo Tin-Chi, champion of the senior division of the HKFYG English Public Speaking Contest 2021. 
It is better to try and fail than never to try. Bill’s teacher first asked him to join the Contest when he was in Grade 7 (S.1). At that time, Bill just considered the Contest as another extracurricular activity, but he realised the Contest is one of the signature public speaking competitions in Hong Kong to express himself and learn from others. Since then, Bill had been joining the Contest every year for the passion of the sport and this is the fourth time that he has joined it.
Effective communication is one of the six important future skills advocated by the HKFYG. The Contest is one of the most reputable annual contests providing a platform for young people to develop their English public speaking competencies, critical thinking and effective communication skills. This year’s Contest was widely supported by over 1,100 students from about 110 secondary schools. After three rounds of online competitions, 10 finalists in 2 divisions were required to deliver a 3-minute prepared speech on the theme of “Wellness and Resilience” and followed by a 2-minute Q&A session.
Vital skills to future proof your career

Public speaking also inspires one’s personal and professional life. Bill determined to pursue journalism dream and the skills acquired from the Contest are helpful for his personal development. “The process of preparing a 3-minute keynote in 20-minutes will exercise and strengthen our writing and organisational skills. It also gives us a chance to reevaluate our tone of voices and facial expressions.” Although Bill has rich experience in public speaking, he felt stressed out before competition." I always doubt my speech is not persuasive," he added. Public speaking is a great self-esteem booster and Bill is proud to have overcome stage fright. He continues, “The Contest taught me to not be afraid of sounding or looking silly because everyone has their own personal style and we should embrace it!” 

From fear to championship, his Make Wonders journey didn’t just end there. After the Grand Finals, he was invited to join the Sir Ti Liang Yang English Language Ambassadors Outreach Programme to promote public speaking among young people in Hong Kong. Bill is also nominated to represent Hong Kong to join the International Public Speaking Competition organised by the English-Speaking Union in May this year. Let’s look forward to seeing how his Make Wonders journey continues. 
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香港青年協會英語演講比賽2021高中組冠軍顧天賜認為:「這個比賽令我明白絕不能輕言放棄。 無論什麼情況,我們都需要有勇氣在跌倒後重新站起來。 我們每次都要盡一切努力發揮,因為你永遠不會知道下一秒會發生什麼。」





由膽怯至獲獎,BillMake Wonders 之旅才剛開始。 決賽後,他隨即受邀請加入楊鐵樑爵士英語大使計劃,以朋輩分享形式向年青一代宣揚使用英語及演說的樂趣。Bill更獲提名代表香港參加今年五月舉行的國際賽,讓我們一同見證他如何繼續Make Wonders
Pre-University Pilot Programme
According to Digital 2020: Global Digital Review, there are about 1.88 billion people in Asia-Pacific lack access to the internet1. How can we bridge the digital divide?

In collaboration with CUHK Global Studies Programme, theming at “Shaping a Digital World”, the Pre-University Pilot Programme will enable student to voice out their opinions to reach "Digital Inclusion" through the new interactive learning mode of UN Simulation.

根據《Digital 2020 Global Digital Review
1, 亞太地區約有18.8億人無法使用互聯網。我們如何能收窄數碼鴻溝?

鼓勵學生以 「建立數碼世界」為題,模擬參與聯合國大會,談討如何推動數碼共融。

[1] Data Reportal, We are Social, and Hootsuite: DIGITAL 2020: GLOBAL DIGITAL OVERVIEW
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If you are looking for a great staycation but get bored of regular hotels. The Institute offers a new retreat and refresh staycation package.

Our lodge offers 85 places. You can enjoy different types of recreational and training activities, such as yoga, meditation, tea ceremony, photography and handicrafts, to enjoy the natural surroundings and develop mindfulness.

對一般酒店宅度假感到厭倦? 立即參與領袖學院推出全新優質體驗營。


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Share their stories to everyone's heart
How familiar are you with your community in neighbourhood? In early March, the Institute reopened to the public and held an open day with the theme of "Next Station.Fanling" for two weeks, allowing visitors to take a break from the city and rediscover the possibilities of life through a series of activities like talks, workshops and exhibitions. We also worked with "City's Treasure" to organise a tour to visit small shops at Luen Wo Market, Fanling.

"City's Treasure", a social enterprise promoting community building, was founded in 2019 by four university students, of which Vanessa, Sally, and LingLing were students of the "Hong Kong 200" Leadership Project of the Institute. Each year, the Project selects 200 secondary school students for intensive training and encourages them to understand more of our society by participating in simulated experiences. These experiences became the prototype of the "City's Treasure". Our relationship with Vanessa also changed. 
Vanessa, who grew up in Taipo, maintains a good relationship with neighbours and therefore, "City's Treasure" mainly focuses on small shops in Taipo at the beginning. Vanessa believes sincerity is the key to building stronger relationships. They will greet the shop owners two weeks before each tour; send thank you cards to them after the tour and even send season’s greetings messages to each shop owner. Failure is part of the process of success. As she said, “’Hong Kong 200 taught me how to serve and the importance of listening to communities.” 

"City's Treasure" has been established for 3 years. Vanessa has also grown from merely a participant of HK200 to the CEO of a social enterprise. This year, she will participate in "Hong Kong 200" again as a mentor. She believes that the most important quality of a leader is empathy to understand the needs of teammates and others, allowing leaders to build and develop relationships with those they lead. 

The synergy between the Institute as a revitalised historic site and the community guided tour conducted by City’s Treasure attracted many visitors from different districts. Remarkably, a mother of two sons purposefully came to join the tour. The mother kept asking questions during the tour and encouraged her son to write down every sentence between Vanessa and the shop owners as they planned to bring their family to revisit this route next time. This is the perfect explanation of “inheritance” that both the Institute and City’s Treasure share the mission to engage younger generations to appreciate heritage and promote sustainable tourism.
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想一想,從你的住所出發,由樓下到鄰街,對於自己生活的社區,你熟悉嗎? 於3月初,領袖學院重新開放予公眾參觀,並一連兩星期以「下一站.粉嶺」為題舉行開放日,一系列活動包括家長講座、工作坊、文化展覽,讓大家拋開本來已習慣的都市節奏,重新發現生活的可能性。我們亦與學院舊生創辦的「小店寶庫」舉辦故事相承─小店遊,由青年導賞員帶大家走進粉嶺聯和墟,親身了解小店的故事。

「小店寶庫」由四位大學生於2019年創辦,其中Vanessa、Sally及伶俐均是青協領袖學院《香港200》領袖計劃的學員。《香港200》每年嚴格選拔本地 200 位別具領導潛質、學業優異,並抱有服務社會心志之中學生接受一系列卓越培訓。學員會自行設計 Project for Hong Kong,聯繫志同道合的學員, 並以設計思維為社會有需要人士提出實際可行的生活改善方案,解決社會問題,而這些經歷正正成為成立「小店寶庫」的原型。我們與Vanessa的關係亦因此轉變。




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Walking around the Insitute, you can easily spot some drama or film scene sets! Can you identify this central atrium and staircase?

The former Fanling Magistracy was designed in stripped classical style, an architectural style commonly employed by civic buildings in the mid-20th century. The central atrium was largely salvaged, including the random patterned artificial granite tiles as floor finishes, terrazzo tiles as wall finishes, the central staircase, the ornamental metal balustrades and profiled timber railings.


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