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Today i would like to share you the Top #1 Selling Products for our reapir store customers.

That is KN95 Mask !!!

Yes! Now the Best Selling Products is not Mobile phone Screen recently,its Mask instead.

Because many countries government are not allow the repair stores open for the virus

getting worse. So our customers have to try more busiess since March.

Here is the Top #1 KN95 Mask we would like to introduce to you as below picture :

 And here is the full product description below, its the Unique structure in the       

market : Double filter meltblown cloth could be reach BFE/PFE: ≥99%. Only US$ 1.29

Price only Available 1 today, as the Raw material price increases every day!!


Here is some Big customers Bank slip recently share for you:

1. USD357,468 USD Mask order on Mar 31

2. 5,0000Pcs KN 95 Bank slip on April 9th , our cusotmer just confirmed

and done the payment within 15 minuts !

Time is money !!


We still have a lot big orders recently,may i know do you have any demands

for this Epidemic prevention products ?


Maybe you don't need it for sell, we Sincerely hope you could prepare enough mask

and Alcohol hand sanitizer at your local pharmacy,take care dear.

We also have another quality KN95 MOQ 100 Pcs for our repair store customer

who not need to much, but price will be higher little  :)


Some of our repair customers told us, under the premise of protecting themselves,

their families and their customers, they really need to work hard and are they are

strive to make a little more money to meet the store rent and other cost.

Trying and adding the new anti-epidemic products for their business, they really have no choice. 


We too, are struggling to survive.Let us work together and embrace the changes of the times!

We believe that everything will be resolved finally and all become better,  

please take care of yourself and your family at this difficult time!!


If you need any support, pls feel free to contact me,

my phone number/Wechat&what's app is: +86 18261819071


Thank you and have a nice day!

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Alicia (Sales Manager)
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