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Have you ever seen the Important Display Message on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max devices after third-party display repairs?
This is because Apple binds and encrypts the touch IC of the original LCD and CPU. 

How to fix the iPhone 11 Non-Genuine screen issue?

Today we’ll bring you the only solution that currently works!


The only workable solution by now is to solder the touch module of the original screen onto the new replacement screen. Here’s how we do it.



Use a heat gun at 350 degrees to remove the touch IC of the broken original screen. 



Clean residual solder paste and black adhesive.



Remove the touch IC of the new screen and install the original IC on the new screen.



Next, we just need to assemble the phone and test and the warning will be removed after we doing these steps correctly.

Now our factory has a screen that will not show: "Non-original pop-up warning message". If you are interested and don't like the above complicated operation methods, please contact me to consult the prices of these amazing LCD screens :P
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