How mbedded scanning solultions help you seize the moment

Self-service kiosk technology has been on the rise for years. A MarketsandMarkets report claims that the global interactive kiosk market could be worth $30.53 billion by 2023, up from $20.37 billion in 2016. It's a huge growth momentum for OEMs in the coming years. The actual growth may be even higher when faced with a global pandemic; face-to-face transactions are replaced by touchless self-service kiosks. The way we purchase is changed.

Friday, December 18th
02:00 PM Pacific Time(US and Canada)

Newland AIDC is ready to help you seize the opportunity with our agile R&D development and proven successful solutions.

Listen to Ricky Zheng, the VP of Newland AIDC IBU, as he will explain what you can benefit from our advanced and prepared offerings.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

- Market insights and 2021 kiosk trend
- Newland AIDC Fixed Mount scanner solutions
- Our strengths and success stories

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