About Newland
• Over 20 years R&D experiences on barcode scanning
• Inventor of decoding chips
• Exclusive  scanning technology enables the most cost-efficient portfolio
• Ranking No.4 as one of the top vendors for handhe
ld scanner. *VDC 2017 global handheld scanner
• Being a trusted global vendor & partner for thousands of enterprise customers and channel.
Our Product

The future of self-service is touchless

The coronavirus pandemic is making a big accelation in convenience services. Newland provides compact fixed mount scanners (see FM430) to empower solution providers.

Barcodes: The evolution continues in supply chain services

The quest for ever more efficient supply chains is spurring new developments in barcode technology. Newland HR52 supports express companies with our partners to offer high-end solutions.

Retail markets are changing and evolving

While facing massive challenges, the retail sector is accelated. Newland has a diversified portforlio of desktop scanners(see FR27) to help retailers increase the efficiency.

Resilient and flexible inventory management

The companies that have built-in levels of redundancy when it comes to inventory are better positioned to meet customer demand. Newland MT90 does the part to collect acurate data for our customers.

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