Kiosk Demand is Expanding
- Kiosks were seen to increase transactions by 30%.(By Tillster 2019)
- According to MarketsandMarkets report, the global interactive kiosk market could be worth $30.53 billion by 2023, up from $20.37 billion in 2016.

- Kiosks are beneficial in the retail and hospitality verticals and we will see continuous increase after COVID-19.
Newland AIDC will help you seize the moment by:
- Global business success testified by enterprise accounts and channel partners
- Over 20 years in barcode scanning R&D and the inventor of 2D barcode decoding chip
- Exclusive  scanning technology enables the most diversified and cost-efficient scanning portfolio
- Ranking No.3 among
vendors of OEM scan engines and No.4 that of handheld scanners
*VDC 2018 global handheld scanner

- Global service and technical support
World smallest scan engine

- Snappy on-screen barcode capture
- Excel at reading intense on-screen barcodes
- S
upport USB and TTL-232 interfaces
Bestselling fixed mount scanner

- High-quality mega pixel camera for fast reading
- Easy to mount with fixeing holes in the housing
- Support all 1D and 2D codes with laser aimer
sealing, resistant to water and dust

Most utilized in access control

- Snappy on-screen barcode capture
- Small form factor in a kiosk or at the POS
- IR and light sensors
- IP65 sealing, resistant to water and dust
Proven vibration resistance

- Optimized on-screen barcode capture
- Designed for reliability and power efficiency
- Multiple interfaces with USB, RS-232, TTL-232
Reduce cashiers' workload

- Stunning performance on decoding EAN-13
- Fast capture and decode moving goods
- Large scanning window and advanced sense mode

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