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Personalized Product Concepts for your Brand.

We 'll have a merchandise specialist hand pick a collection of products that could be strong fits for your brand Brand Value Evaluation We help you understand how much return you can achieve with your own brand in a year

We are a small but ambitious team that loves to help entrepreneurs build businesses and brands they love. We do this by helping with all of the important things, such as merchandise and manufacturing, warehouse fulfillment, branding and everything else in between. We want to empower you to reach your potential and create something incredible.


Hope you have a great week~!

- Lily from URUE here.


I’ll be very brief - we help influencers like you build a profitable brand.


I want to invite you to take part in the campaign we are running where 15 handpicked creators will get a waiver of $1,000 service fee where:

We'll build your brand within 60 days

We’ll build 1 product for free (more than 1 product fee may apply)

We’ll build a transactional Shopify website for you

We’ll pretty much do all the work in line with what you think and what kind of products you’ve always wanted to own.


As an advocate for your brand your focus is to build your influence.

Our Merchent team takes care of the rest.


Can I send some more info? Let me know.


 - Lily

Creator Relations @URUE

P.S If you already have a brand but we somehow missed it, we will be more than happy to explore ways to work together for your next products!

If you don't want me to email you anymore, just let me know.


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