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Bizbee Samsung back cover assembly:
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Which kind of Samsung back cover do you use?
we can meet all your demands, only you inquiry.
There is also many iphone bakc glass for you to choose:
Big hole cover: Install directly, no need to disassemble the camera frame and lens
Middle frame and back cover glass: including camera frame circle, charging port hole...
Back cover housing with internal parts: including power-on volume cable, side key card tray, wireless charging cable.....
Xiaomi and Huawei Back Cover
Free Shipment
All the back cover without the any customs issue. There is a American client who ordered back cover and LCD for samsung and iphone more than 2000 pcs for sample order. Now he also want to add more products from us.
Our price=lifetime warranty+0.76 defective rate+ 40 steps quality control+ 200QC testing+ professional R&D team+ fast shipment.....
If you are interested in our products or you met some technical problem, please welcome to contact Sharon~
Improper disassembling and replacement of iPhone X would lead to screens issues, such as "Lcd liquid leakage""no face-id""ghost touching"etc..
As iPhone X screens are expensive, professional replacing techniques can efficiently reduce the failure rate of screen replacement.
Please check our Youtube:
How To Replace The iPhone-11 Pro Max Screen in A Right Way
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