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I’m glad you read my email. Our company is a manufacturer specializing in the production of Food delivery bags, Pizza delivery bags...etc. We learned on the Internet that your company may need to use this product, so today we especially recommend the most popular one for you Food delivery bag

42/70L Extendable Food Delivery Bag

Size: L45 x W25 x H45 and L45 x W40 x H45
One of flexible design for food delivery bag, it can fit any packages of food, such as drink, lunch box, pizza...etc. in order let the user more comfortable to wear the bag

Material: 500D PVC Tarpualin Waterproof, Durable Webbing, Strong and Smooth Zipper Let user fast and easy open from top, front and expandable part. if using reflective logo printing, it will more smart and safety
Backview with 3 large thick cushion let user more comfortable and protect spine. Both side zipper pocket to store the bill to avoide loss
Wide and thick strap design can reduce weight of bag with food. also strap with chest buckle let the bag more stable when user walking 
Bottom with 6 stand let the bag stand more steady
Aluminum interviewer design and removable partition, also you can order more accessories such as cup holder
the bags are passed EN12546-2:2000 standard. keep temperature for 5 hours and whole bag waterproof function 
STANDARD: EN12546-2:2000
The insulation performance measured according to 4.2 
Certifcate of Material and Performance
Production Management
No matter the design is simple or complicated, we always control the production cost strictly
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