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This is Bella from bizbee, manufactory for iPhone screen, we produce and export iPhone lcd more than 10 years.

We all know that many different brand screens on the market make it difficult for you to choose, so when you choose between two suppliers, what will you consider?
price? quality? yes, it is do important, I think the most interesting thing is to buy good quality products at low prices. 
I can tell you responsibly "NCC" did it!

What is NCC?
A: it's our own oem screen, best oem quality in the market.

Why choose it?
1. Hig brightness, good color saturation
2. similar tickness as original, perfect installation
3. lifetime warranty
4. low defective rate<0.7%
5. Best after-sales service
test video
Professional instrument testing, NCC tickness similar as original
Compared with Tianma quality, our color saturation and brightness are better
Customers who have used NCC and give us postive feedback
if you are interesting, reply this e-mail or add my whatsapp:008618570429787 message me get best price.

Also you can visit our website: www.bizbee. com, register a account and put my name"Bella" or my agent number: "100135HF", so that i could give you discount. (E-commerce prices are for small orders)
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