Happy New year!
Wao in ADNLITE for Brazile solar street lights market since 2014.
Here we would like to share you 4 ways to low down your solar lights cost:
1: Use the higher lumens efficacy led.
Then we can use smaller led power to reach same brightness. And low down the battery and solar panel power.
The main cost of solar lights are in battery and solar panel.
Now ADNLITE use 224lm/w led chips to get the highest lumens efficacy solution.
2: Use the proper battery
Special for solar street lights, battery cost the most. In the base of long cycle life and quality, we need to choose the lowest cost battery supplier for us.
3: Smart dimming way
To the place which only have passerbys for 2-3 hours in the night. We can set motion dim for solar street lights.
When there is no passerby near the pole, we can set the solar lights 20%- 30% brightness to save the energy.
So we can greatly reduce solar panel power and battery capacity to save costs
We already finished 140pcs solar street lights (4000lm 22W LED, 90W mono solar panel) for Wester Power in Pearth in 2020.
Price for our 6000lm all in one solar street light can be US D 160 around only.
And we already finished More than 50 projects in Brazile 2014.
More details will be sent if we can receive the feedback from the key person.

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