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Hi, dear friends:
Some tips form Sockslovely:)

2020 is an unusual year. Due to the epidemic, each of us has suffered more or less losses, whether it is spiritual or financial. If you were asked to rate 2020, what would you write?

Some people said:
"The Official Emblem Of This Year: 2020 Sucks, Put It Under Foot"
"2020 Sucks, i Will Put It Under Foot"
"2020 Sucks, But It Will Get Better"
Yes, just as it said: It will be get better. Our lives will return to normal, and we can make our daily life more easy and funny. So we can add some spice of our life.
In the eyes of children, "Mom, queen of the house; Dad, king of the house", he/she is the princess; this is the default thing, no need to say everyday.

In my heart, you are the "World's Awesomest Boyfriends/Girlfriends"

As shown above, we can let each other know some ideas in advance without arguing, to make our daily life more easier.
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