M-Triangel Mi one Automatic Laser Screen Broken Back Cover Marking Machine
Are you still worried abouth the expensive shipping cost of the lasermachine?

Are you still have the problem of the laser misalignment of the laser machine? 

Are you still concerned of the high defective rate of the laser machine?

Not worry! 

This new laser machine will solve all these problems!
1. The weight only have 13 kg, the shipping is the half of the other laser machine;

2. The laser head has changed, then the energy has become lager, and the power has been larger. Other laser machine used th be 6 watts, now we use 10 watts.

3. There are fewer threads in the machine and a lower failure rate. 

In addition, there is a more important point:
The machine is more convenient to focus, just overlap the two laser points. That's finished.
Echocardiography than action, contact us as soon as possible! !
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