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Today i'd like to introduce our hot sale accessories for you.

I choose the iphone lighting cable and the charger for you, and we also have lighting and charger set.

We not only have iphone accessories, also have samsung huawei xiaomi brand.

If you don't fins what you need, please feel free to contact me, i will try my best to solve it. 
I'm always here and waiting for you.


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EU Plug Apple iphone7 5W USB Travel Charger 
for Apple Iphone X/8/7/6/5(with Package)
Apple EU Plug 20W USB-C PD Power Adapter with Package(Logo)
Apple 1M iPhone12 USB-C to Lightning PD Cable with Package(Logo)
Apple 2M iPhone12 USB-C to Lightning PD Cable with Package(Logo)
For iphone 8 1M Lightning USB Charging Data Cable with Package(Logo)
For Apple Type-C to Type-C 1M USB Data Cable with Package
For Apple Type-C to Type-C 2M USB Data Cable with Package
Apple EU Plug 20W Charger Set with Package
iPhone 7 - 12 Lightning to 3.5mm 
Headphone Jack Adapter with Package

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