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Good quality screen help you winning more customers. X Series Incell screen is hot-selling goods in Bizbee.Monthly sales as high as 20,000PCS. Meanwhile, we get so many positive feedbacks. We sincerely recommend this goods to you. Here are some details.

---------NCC INCELL adopts the most leading and advanced In-cell technology
NCC In-cell technology combines the liquid crystal, touch sensing elements and 3D touch capacitive sensors into a single structure. As a result, it reduces the thickness and weight, featuring an excellent installation effect.Integrates the touch sensors directly into one or more layers in the display stack-up itself. In-Cell technology removes the touch sensor substrate, by combining the liquid crystal and touch sensing elements into a single structure. In-cell display technology combines the touch sensor layer and LCD cell into a single layer, allowing devices to be thinner and lighter.
---------Out-cell Touch Technology
Designs with a separate sensor layer are known as Out-Cell Touch Technology, such as Glass-Glass (GG) and Glass-Film-Film(GFF), depending on whether the transmitting and receiving touch functions are implemented in one or two layers, respectively, of the sensor film or sensor glass.

1.Perfect installation Performance
2.NCC In-Celll technology adpoted OEM Grade frame bazel
3.OEM bezel frame without glitch, no gap no light leakage.
4.NCC Incell screen has the best stability
5.The Touch of NCC Incell is more responsive, sensitive, and smooth becuase of Nano-oleophobic layer and voltage regulator IC.
6.Flex cable more Durable and strong. Resistant to pull.
7.Iron Ball Pressure testable range , height 35cm weight 50g.
8.Wide color gamut.

Here is a contrast vedio about incell screen. Through it, we can see it more vividly and directly:)

We Have 40 Inspection Steps and Ensure the Best Quality for You.
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