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As we all know, There are so many iPhone X aftermarket screens versions on the market.
But do u know What's the difference between them?
How should you choose then as a repair shop owner/ refurbishment factory/ retailer/ wholesaler?
The iPhone X Incell screens? The hard OLED?Or the soft iPhone X OLED screens?

Bizbee LAB has done a rigorous comparison test,pls watch the video to get the specific results🥳
-- Test comparison results:
It can be seen that TFT In-Cell screen display is a little bit less color than OLED hard and flexible, but the price is low, suitable for customers who pursue good prices.
OLED hard overall performance is better, suitable for the screen overall display and color has certain requirements of the pursuit of people.
OLED flexibility is consistent with the actual effect, and it is suitable for people with high requirements for the screen.
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