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Today I would like to ask some questions:

 1.Are you still worried about the expensive shipping cost of the laser machine?
 2.Are you still have the problem of the laser misalignment of the laser machine? 
 3.Are you still concerned of the high defective rate of the laser machine?

The the LATEST gen of *MI ONE laser machine will solve all these problems.

1. 5 minutes remove the back cover, can reduce labor costs.
2. The operation is simple, and even inexperienced people can get started quickly.

More specifications as below:
Why choose MI ONE laser machine?

1. *Light weight*: 
only 13kgs, which will save you more transportation costs!
2.*Higher precision*: Manually adjust the focus,As a technical optimization, we have improved the precision of the laser.
3.*10W power*: Upgrade from 6W to 10W laser power, the efficiency will be improved compared to the previous.
4.*Beautiful price*: Four items are provided for free.

They are neccessary tools for laser machine in the quotation! 
AS You know:

the laser machine power is 10w, remove a back glass is about 5~10mins.
if you repair a back glass by a professional technician, it's need to take 2 hours, it's can repair 3~5pcs in a day, but if you have a laser machine, you can remove a back glass in 40mins, total you can repair 15~20 days back glass, it's can help you improve 4 times repair quantities:D

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