Warm Prompt:

As we know, the iOS 15 system is being released soon. But we recommend you not to upgrade the system in a hurry. 

Because after testing, we found that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series that have replaced the screen will have non-genuine pop-ups after upgrading to iOS 15. If you don't want the pop-up problem to occur, please don't upgrade to iOS 15 system for the time being.


、「Warm Prompt As we know, the iOS 15 system is being released soon. But we recommend you not to upgrade the system in a hurry. Because after testing, we found that the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series that have replaced the screen will have non-genuine pop-ups after upgrading to iOS 15. If you don't want the pop-up problem to occur, please don't upgrade to iOS 15 system for the time being. WW」というテキストの画像のようです


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