How to Fix Home Button Not Working
For iPhone 7/ 7P/ 8/ 8P
If any one of the following situations happens, please replace the charging port flex cable

Recommendation: 3 in 1 charging port flex cable.
Notes: Lightning earphones not supported yet. You can use bluetooth earphones instead.
Assembly Instructions
I. Remove The Original Charging Port Flex Cable
First, unscrew the screws on the charging port flex cable and remove the following parts in the order of screen, mother board, speaker and charging port flex cable. Please pay attention to the length of the different screws during the process of removal. It is recommended to use a heat air gun to remove the charging port flex cable. Heat up the rear housing with the temperature running below 100°C as to soften the glue.
II. Assemble The 3 In 1 Charge Connector
Align the 3 in 1 charge connector to the housing and rip off the protective film and paste it onto the interior of the housing. Please replace the charge connector to where the original flex cable locates, otherwise the charge connector may fail to align with the mother board, resulting in assembly failure. Then use the microphone mount to securely fasten the microphone.
III. Remove The Original Home Button
Use the triangle head screwdriver to remove the Home button’s metal sheet. Then heat up the Home button flex cable with the heat air gun to soften the glue on the back of flex cable. And use tweezers to carefully remove the flex cable from the screen rack.
IV. Assemble The 3 In 1 Charging Port Flex Cable
The 3 in 1 charging port flex cable comes with a Home button, which has a relatively longer flex cable. When assembling the flex cable, please stretch the flex cable out of the original Home button mounting base.
V. Test And Assemble The Screen

Apply the waterproof glue to the edge of the housing. Pay attention to the length of the different screws during the process of assembly. After the screen flex cable mounting base has been installed, examine if the charging, signal and Home button function work well. If all function properly, then assemble the screen.
VI. Repair Completes
Rip off the last protective film layer of the waterproof glue. Mount the screen onto the housing to complete repairing.
Notes: 3 in 1 charging port flex cable does not support earphones.

Tools and Material

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