How to Choose the Right iPhone X Series Screens for you?
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Here is Jodie from Bizbee, manufacturer for iPhone Screens. Within the increase of
iPhone X Repair, there are too many qualities available for iPhone X Series Screen
and many clients are confused to choose, today i would like to share a clear map with you :D
1. What is TFT LCD, Hard OLED, Flexible OLED and OEM

2. What is the difference between hard OLED and Flexible OLED ? Flexible OLED

just like a paper, 100% wont be broken.


3. What is the difference between LCD out-cell and LCD in-cell ?

LCD in-cell will be more stable than out-cell (in-cell structure is integrated flex).
What 's more , touch function works well although the glass lens is broken. But out-sell is not.

Here is the price list for you :)  Factory directly sell, the best price:

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