Hi ,friends,how are you those day?
 I hope everything going well with you!this is katya from Bizbee. 
Today I want to introduct u some of our  company small repair parts--just take iphone X for example 

1.For Apple iPhone X Loud Speaker WiFi Antenna
2.For Apple iPhone X WiFi Flex Cable
3.For iPhone X Ear Speaker   
4.For Apple iPhone X Charging Port Flex Cable
5.For iPhone X Power Flex Cable
6.For Apple iPhone X Rear Camera
7.For iPhone X Wireless Charging Flex Cable
8.For iPhone X Ear Speaker With Sensor Flex Cable
9.For iPhone X Volume Button Flex Cable
10.For iPhone X Bluetooth Antenna
11.For iPhone X Brand New and Full Original Power Button Flex Cable with Metal Bracket
12.For iPhone X/XS LCD and Digitizer and 3D Touch Testing Flex Cable
13.For Apple iPhone X-11 pro max Power Test Flex Cable
14.For Apple iPhone X Ear Speaker Sensor Flex Cable
15.For Apple iPhone 6-X Connector Test Cable
The above is a simple list of some small accessory products. As long as you have a need, there is no product that Katya can’t find for you. If you need it, just contact katya.
what is our product advantage?
1.Strict quality control
2.Powerful supply chain
3.Less defective rate < 0.7%
4. best sale service, (If have defective ones you take us pictures we ship you new one immediately, no need to wait we receive them.)
what can we provide you?
1. wholesales price (I can according you order to give you discount)
2. Best quality it can be good enough to stabilize your customers.
3. Lifetime warranty.
Why choose us?
1.We worked with many big companies in USA(CPR), UK(iMend), EUROPE(iAll repair), AU(HAPPY TEL), NL(Omni Tech).....
So our products are trustworthy.
2. Some of customers are distare distributors, some of them have many chain shops, and many of them have 1 shop or doing online business.
Usually after they cooperated with us will not change to anothers if no big mistake happen. Even everytime they recieve orders also the will give us positive feedback
If there have any question,please kindly let me know!
kind greeting!
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