How to Fix iPhone 13 Face ID Not Working After Screen Replacing
It has been verified that the face ID function will be invalid after the iphone13 is replaced with a new screen,even with an original screen.
And there will be important display message pop-up "Unable to verify this iPhone has a genuine Apple display".
Can this technology be overcome by starting with hardware? We verified it in practice. 
First, we test an iPhone 13 configured with the original screen. The face ID function is normal. Then we replace the screen with an
aftermarket screen
 to see what will happen. For the sake of preciseness, we also install the sensor & mic flex of the original screen
on the new screen,and install the new screen on the motherboard and 
power on.

Next, we 
try to enroll a new face ID. It shows Face ID Is Not AvailableMoreover, true tone also disappears.
What we need to verify is to replace the IC chip of the new screen with the original screen and see whether the Face ID function can restore.
Because referring to
 the previous iPhone models, we suppose that this IC chip is in charge of Face ID and screen data memory. 
First, we remove the IC chip of the original screen; clean the genuine IC chip , remove residual solder paste and black adhesive,
then reball the chip. 
For the new screen, we repeat the above steps to remove the IC chip.
Next, we install the genuine IC chip 
on the new screen and connect the screen to iPhone 13. After turning on the phone,
we can find that no pop-up warning appears. We try to enroll the Face ID and it
’s successful. But true tone is still unavailable.

Although this method of transplanting IC 
chip can solve the problem of Face ID not working after the iPhone 13 screen replacement,
it may be a bit too complicated and impractical for the general repair shop. We are also looking for better solutions.
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