GIGA Lounger:Super fast one-key automatic inflatable lounger

lIntegrated electric pump & power bank

lInflate with just one click

l60s fast inflating

l150kg bear weight

lWear-resistant material

The traditional air bed either requires an additional air pump to inflate, or requires a lot of room and effort to run up that you will look stupid while inflating. Moreover, it takes up storage space and is difficult to carry. Therefore, our team has summarized all the above-mentioned problems and developed the GIGA Lounger, an automatic inflatable air lounger with integrated electric air pump, which allow you  to enjoy comfort with just one touch!
Exclusive and innovative design with an integrated AirVorTech electric air pump, which can automatically inflate the air lounger with a simple touch. Very easy to operate by yourself, even kids can handle. It is easier to inflate than traditional air bed, takes only 60s. Relax and enjoy whenever you want.