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After 5 years of development, Sanyou has established an integrated protein preparation platform featured by mammalian cell expression and supported by a variety of advanced process systems such as tube reactors, shake flasks and fermenters. The high-efficiency expression vector system and advanced production process system ensure that the transient expression yield is > 500 mg/L and the protein purity is over 98%. Based on the mature and efficient protein expression system, Sanyou can complete the production of high-quality antibody protein within 14 days and deliver more than 200 purified proteins per week.

1) A total of 10,000 protein productions in one year, only $339 for each.
2) Delivery in 14 days. Success rate is higher than 95%.
3) Mammalian expression system to ensure natural folding and glycosylation modification.
4) Protein Purity >98%.Transient Expression Yield >500mg/L.

Service Content
Name Service Content Input Output Time
Antibody protein production vector construction, antibody protein expression, protein purification, protein validation sequence Qualified protein and test report 14 days

Note: If gene synthesis is required, extra 5-7 days is required.

Price layout
Number of antibodies Price(USD/Ab) Antibody amount
500 Abs
100 Abs
50 Abs
1 Ab
0.5-1mg/ Ab

Note: Services done within the validity period of the contract (1 year) count as the same order.
If larger amount of expression services is needed, we provide further discount.

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