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Recently, some customers reflect that there are many different quality iPhone X to 11 series after-sales screens in the market and they do not know the difference between them. For example, there are soft OLED, hard OLED, TFT in-cell, TFT out-cell etc. Among these qualities, TFT is cheaper than other qualities. The shipment of TFT is larger than others. So in this article, we will compare the difference between BIZBEE NCC TFT in-cell and TFT out-cell iPhone 11 LCD.

Focus on the problem of structure, brightness, color temperature, display color, installation effect and, defect rate, BIZBEE has done a rigorous comparison test, the specific test results are as follows:

The brightness of the in-cell is better than the original. The brightness of the out-cell is lower than the original. It means that the TFT in-cell display effect is better than the out-cell LCD. The color temperature of the in-cell is also better than the out-cell LCD. 

As the pictures show, the color effect of the TFT in-cell is much better than the out-cell.

The thickness of the TFT in-cell is the same as the original.

Defect Rate Problem

The out-cell TFT has a high defect rate because of the LCD structure. The out-cell structure is COG and G+G. It means the touch panel is made of glass and the IC is on the glass. The original is COF and G+F structure. The touch panel is made of film and the IC is on the FPC. From our after-sales data, the out-cell TFT has faulty problems like tapping screen cannot wake, cover glass frame debonding, and other touch functional issues. The defect rate is from 25%-100%. Some touch issues will be found after using for a period. The functions are not stable in out-cell LCD.  
From the test, it can be seen that the TFT out-cell is cheaper than the in-cell, but the display effect and functional stability are worse than the in-cell. TFT out-cell is suitable for people who only pursue low prices. For people who have certain requirement on quality. It is better to choose TFT in-cell.  

 for 11,11 pro,11 promax,X,XS,XS MAX,XR

 19.5:9 EDGE--TO-EDGE in-cell screen 
 Compatible with iPhone 11 and X Series
 360°full view angle
 High dynamic range(HDR)​
 Multi-touching and 3D touching
 Ture tone
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